About Kris Kern

Kris’s passion is to help ordinary people to break free and transform their lives to live life the way they want it. 

Through her unique combination of hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique, her vast knowledge of natural remedies and how the body functions Kris can help you change your life forever. 

Whether it’s quitting smoking, losing weight, releasing trauma and fears or changing habits and patterns of a lifetime, if you’re ready for change, Kris will help you make it in record time, without drugs, side-effects, cravings or struggle.

During her years of practice Kris has helped many hundreds of clients quit smoking, lose weight, feel happier, calmer and more confident, stop grinding their teeth or pulling their hair, travel without anxiety and much more.  Her clients often report feeling dramatically better after just one session.

She has an insatiable quest for knowledge that she feeds by reading, listening to audio recordings and attending seminars and training programs regularly.  Her qualifications include Bachelor of Health Science, Advanced Diplomas in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine and she is a recognised Clinical Hypnotherapist and Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner.  Her membership of 2 professional bodies require her to undergo continuing professional development and mentoring, so you can rest assured that she has the credentials to help you achieve the changes you desire.

On her own journey back to health since changing career and studying naturopathy in her forties, Kris has discovered many secrets the pharmaceutical and food industries don’t want people to know and she’s made it her mission to reveal the truth to as many people as possible.  As part of that mission she frequently runs seminars where she busts myths on a variety of health topics from diets and food to hypnosis.

Having put much of what she has learned over the last 16 years into practice, now in her late fifties, Kris enjoys better health in many ways than she did in her twenties and thirties. 

Kris lives close to the beach in Perth and her favourite past times include going to the beach with her dog Barney, especially in summer, riding her bike with Barney running alongside, exercising in a park, travel, picnics, outdoor movies and catching up with friends for a casual meal.