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Are you sick of struggling with diets that don’t work?

You're probably here because you've just made a New Year's resolution for the umpteenth time to lose weight but this time you're feeling even more depressed than ever before.

Maybe you’re just so sick of feeling frumpy and looking older than you are, sick of feeling like life’s passing you by because there are so many things you can’t do or won’t do because you’re too embarrassed or too unfit.  Just walking up a flight of stairs has you completely out of breath.  Carrying all that extra weight around just makes you so tired and you struggle to find the energy to exercise.

Perhaps you used to love summer but now you’ve had enough of constantly feeling hot and sweaty and the discomfort from the chafing on your inner thighs when you walk.  You’d love to be able to go to the beach but you wouldn’t be seen dead like this in bathers.

Truth be known you hate seeing yourself in the mirror; you feel so conscious of all the bulges in the wrong places.  And sitting makes you feel uncomfortable and even more conscious of the fat rolls around your belly. 

Do you dread getting dressed in the morning when you look in your wardrobe and can’t find anything that fits?  You simply refuse to buy more “fat” clothes and you just long to be able to get into those gorgeous clothes you used to look and feel so great in.

And you’re so envious when you see another woman your age enjoying herself, attracting attention from the guys like a magnet, showing off her sexy figure in a revealing slim-fitting short dress and high heels. You feel sad as you remember enjoying feeling so confident and attractive.

You worry about your partner losing interest in you and wonder if they’re secretly looking at other women when you’re not around.   You hate them seeing you naked and it’s really affecting your love-life.  Maybe they’ve even made some remarks about how you’re looking and that makes you feel even more stressed and anxious about your weight. 

Or perhaps your doctor’s mentioned that your blood sugar level is creeping up and that really worries you because you watched your parents’ lives being cut short by diabetes.  You don’t want to end up like them, overweight, on medications and unable to do much, with poor circulation and nasty sores on their feet that never heal, or going blind. 

Or maybe your blood pressure’s creeping up and your doctor mentioned that if you don’t lose weight and get your blood pressure down you’ll have to go on medication to prevent a heart attack or stroke. 

You just hate the thought of getting sick, the misery and suffering and leaving your loved ones behind.

But you just don’t know what to do and you’re just so sick of your weight loss struggle!

After all, you’ve already tried that many different diets like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Lite n’ Easy and Atkins; you’ve starved yourself, counted calories, taken supplements, joined a gym and worked your butt off for either no result or just to have all that weight bounce back on again.  And now you’re even heavier than you were last year.

You hate dieting! You’re constantly thinking about and craving food and it makes you feel so deprived. It’s just so hard to stick to. 

You manage to do it for a few weeks and then find yourself pigging out, undoing all your hard work.  Then you beat yourself up; feel guilty and even more depressed.

Well it’s not your fault!

Who am I?

I’m Kris Kern, fat loss specialist, clinical hypnotherapist and naturopath.  Over the last ten years I’ve been studying what causes weight gain and what I’ve discovered is quite shocking!

You see, most of what we’ve been told about dieting and how to lose weight is a big fat pack of myths and lies! 

And where did those lies come from?  The food industry!  It was behind the food pyramid that has you eating more of the very foods that cause your body to gain weight; those foods you thought were healthy, the very same foods that are causing people to get sick and die younger.

It’s the one that sneaks sugar, additives and other substances into food that makes you crave more of those same foods, causing you to overeat and gain weight. 

And as more and more people struggle to lose weight, the lucrative weight loss industry has sprung up, spreading more lies and propaganda.  Why?  Because if you knew the truth, they’d stop making billions of dollars a year!

It’s no wonder you’re so confused and don’t know where to turn!

I want you to know that losing weight doesn’t have to be so hard!  In fact, weight loss can be pleasurable and easy when you know how!  I've helped many people just like you to lose weight without the struggle.

I hate the insidious lies that permeate the diet and weight loss industry and my mission is to:

  • Help you get off the diet roller coaster forever
  • Give you a sensible eating plan that you can stick to easily
  • Help you understand why you get cravings and how to stop them
  • Help you enjoy eating without depriving yourself
  • Understand why simply eating less and exercising more is not the key to fat loss
  • How my clients are using hypnosis to manage their weight 

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Meet Your Weight Loss Specialist Kris Kern

Kris is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Naturopath with a strong passion for helping others to achieve their optimal health potential naturally, without drugs or hormones.  Using her combined knowledge of natural therapies and hypnosis she has helped several thousand clients lose weight, quit smoking and make many other positive changes in their lives.

Kris is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with Australian Hypnotherapists Association, has a degree in Health Science and runs a successful practice in Balcatta.  

Let Kris help make your weight loss journey easy and enjoyable!

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