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The Way to Easy, Safe and Permanent Weight Loss

Are you sick of struggling with diets that don’t work?

Congratulations on making a decision to get off the diet roller coaster forever.

You might be here because you’ve promised yourself that this year is your year to lose those excess kilos. The truth is, you’re here because you already know you’re going to fail again, for the umpteenth time, unless you get professional help. 

Maybe you’re just so sick of wearing larger and old-fashioned clothes because they’re the only styles that fit and that can hide your arms. Perhaps you just need to try one more diet plan because you’ve read that it helped a celebrity lose so many kilos.

I know you are tired of being unable to dash for the train or run in from the rain before you get soaked. You feel frustrated because it’s a struggle to walk up a flight of stairs… you get completely out of breath.  Carrying all that extra weight around just makes you so tired and you struggle to find the energy to exercise.

Perhaps you’re glad when summer is over, because you’ve had enough of constantly feeling hot and sweaty and can’t wait to end the discomfort from the chafing on your inner thighs when you walk. Maybe you used to enjoy summer. What you’d give to be able to go to the beach in proper swimwear, but you wouldn’t be seen dead like this in bathers. No way!

Can you see yourself thinner and healthier?

Truth be known you hate seeing yourself in the mirror; you feel so conscious of all the bulges in the wrong places.  And sitting makes you feel uncomfortable and even more conscious of the fat rolls around your belly. But you’re smart, and that’s why you’re here looking for a better way, because you know you can feel healthier and look it as well.

Do you dread getting dressed in the morning? Do you feel like crying when you look in your wardrobe and can’t find anything that fits? It’s time to stop buying more ‘fat’ clothes. It’s been long enough and you need to get back into gorgeous clothes you used to look and feel so great in.

Stop feeling envious of other women your age you keep seeing flirting with guys, attracting them like magnets. Don’t you think it’s your turn now? Shed the weight, be thinner and bring sexy back! Isn’t it time you, too, start to reveal your body in a slim-fitting short dress and high heels?

Stop feeling sad, start enjoying your life and feeling so confident and attractive.

You worry about your partner losing interest in you and wonder if they’re secretly looking at other women when you’re not around. You’re on the verge of starting to blame yourself, thinking that it’s not his fault.

Being overweight makes you depressed and insecure.

I get it.

You hate him seeing you naked and it’s really affecting your love life.  You might have heard him even make hurtful remarks about how you’re looking. I know, this makes it even more stressful and anxious for you because you know you’ve been trying.

But if you’ve been trying, how come it feels like you’re always failing?

Because the techniques you’ve been using just don't work! 

Not only do they set you up for failure by causing you to feel hungry and deprived, they’re not designed to help change your subconscious beliefs and habits.

Whether you are ready to get started right this moment or not, by simply letting me help, you can soon start seeing a difference.

Be a fitter, healthier person

Perhaps your doctor has tried to help but your weight keeps going up and down like a yoyo. They said your blood sugar level is creeping up and that’s really worrying you because you thought only old people have blood sugar problems.

After all, it wasn’t that long ago you watched your parents’ lives cut short by diabetes.  You don’t want to end up like them, overweight, on medications and unable to do much, with poor circulation and nasty sores on that never heal. And there’s no way you’re going blind. 

Or maybe your doctor has confirmed that if you don’t lose weight and get your blood pressure down you’ll be forced to take medication to prevent a heart attack or stroke. 

You just hate the thought of getting sick, the misery and suffering and leaving your loved ones behind.

But you just don’t know what to do and you’re just so sick of your weight loss struggle!

Fear not, I have some resources to help you decide.

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"The 5 Diet Myths that Keep You Struggling with Your Weight"

Your weight loss struggle can be history

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already tried many different diets.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried and failed at Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Lite n’ Easy and Atkins.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve bought all the books and the apps and that none of them worked nor kept you motivated.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve starved yourself, counted calories, taken supplements, joined a gym and worked your butt off and saw no result or saw all that weight bounce back on again.

It also doesn’t matter that you’re even heavier than you were last year.

Of course you are, because it’s not just about your meals, it’s about changing your thinking.

What matters is that you’re here today, ready to ditch all the dieting and failing!

If you’re constantly thinking about and craving food and it’s making you feel so deprived, let’s get you unstuck. 

Instead of managing for a few weeks and then finding yourself pigging out, undoing all your hard work, and instead of beating yourself up, feeling guilty and even more depressed, I’ll help you succeed at losing weight, once and for all.

We’ll make your weight loss struggle history.


Something needs to change… We need to change your way of thinking about weight loss.

Together we can discover a new way of seeing yourself, your weight, your food and your lifestyle.

  • Get over your addictions and cravings
  • Set new and measurable goals… I bet you’ll do things you never dreamed of!
  • Recalibrate your mind, think yourself thin
  • Focus on a new you, stop dwelling on your past
  • Focus on your lighter future, enjoy a new body
  • Labels identify you, so get a new one. Does ‘healthier’ sound right?
  • Write a new chapter to your life story
  • Be that person who ‘used to be fat’.

          Meet Your Weight Loss Specialist Kris Kern

I’m Kris Kern, weight loss specialist, naturopath and certified clinical hypnotherapist with Australian Hypnotherapists Association.  I also have a degree in Health Science and over 11 years clinical experience.

My passion is helping women just like you achieve your optimal health potential naturally, without drugs or hormones.  I’m on a mission to end calorie counting, starvation, misery and deprivation for good!  

With my combined knowledge of natural therapies and hypnosis, I’ve helped many hundreds of women rediscover themselves so regain their health while naturally losing the weight they struggled to lose in the past.

For more than twelve years I’ve been studying what causes weight gain and what I’ve discovered is quite shocking!

Most of what we’ve been told about dieting and how to lose weight is a big fat pack of myths and lies! 

And where did those lies come from? 

The food industry! 

Right now you are probably eating more of the very foods that are causing you to gain weight. You trusted experts, countless articles and books who claimed these foods were healthy, the very same foods that are causing people to get sick and die younger.

You trusted the brands who sneak sugar, additives and other substances into food that makes you crave more of those same foods, causing you to overeat and gain weight. Even the ones that claimed to be high in the good stuff are now cheating.

And as more and more people struggle to lose weight, the lucrative weight loss industry has sprung up, spreading more lies and propaganda.  Why?  Because if you knew the truth, they’d stop making billions of dollars a year!

It’s no wonder you’re so confused and don’t know where to turn!

I want you to know that losing weight doesn’t have to be so hard!  In fact, weight loss can be pleasurable and easy when you know how!  I've helped many people just like you to lose weight without the struggle.

"I thought I knew a lot about healthy food choice. But after my first meeting with Kris, I realised how many things I was eating were sabotaging my health. The changes she recommended made such a big difference, and the biggest surprise was that I stopped craving bread! I never thought that would happen"  - Jenny, Subiaco.

I want to help you with an easy way to -

  • Use hypnosis to manage your weight
  • Get off the diet roller coaster forever
  • Give you a sensible eating plan that you can stick to easily
  • Help you understand why you get cravings and how to stop them
  • Help you enjoy eating without depriving yourself
  • Understand why a low fat diet and eating less and exercising more is not the key to fat loss 

Are you ready to turn your struggles into results?

Get Your 5 Diet Myths Free Booklet Right Now!

Let me help make your weight loss journey easy and enjoyable!

  • Take back control of your life
  • Stop wasting money on useless diet plans
  • Be a role model to your children, partner, parents or friends
  • Feel confident, attractive and lovable again
  • Feel proud of yourself
  • Live a longer and healthier life
  • Understand how to maintain your weight without ever dieting again!

Are you ready to be the person you want to be this year?  

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