About Kris Kern and Mind and Body Revival


Do you feel you’re not living to your fullest potential because something’s holding you back?  You know you could be enjoying a far greater life but you just can’t seem to be able to make the changes you want to make.


Perhaps it’s fear or some belief from the past or perhaps it’s a habit or some other behaviour you do that you just don’t seem to be able to change?


Or perhaps your health isn’t as great as you’d like – you know there must be things you can do to feel better but it’s so confusing and you don’t know where to start.


Well you’re in the right place!


Hi!  I’m Kris Kern and it’s my mission in life to help as many people as I possibly can to live life to its fullest.


My business Mind and Body Revival is about helping you to tap into the amazing power of your mind and your body’s amazing capacity to heal, no matter what age you are.


You see I’ve struggled with my own health crisis and suffered for years.  It was extremely frustrating and eventually caused me to have a radical career change in my early forties.  After becoming a naturopath and later a hypnotherapist I was able to turn my life around and now feel better in my late fifties than I did in my twenties and thirties.


It frustrates me immensely that it’s so difficult for most people to do this because there are so many factors that conspire against us and so much conflicting information that keeps us stuck.


I’m passionate about helping to take away the confusion, pain and struggle from creating positive change.  It gives me great joy to see people creating an amazing new life for themselves.


When you visit me you’ll get no-nonsense, sensible advice and tips that you can use to get results fast.


It makes my heart sing getting feedback from my clients as they are able to live their life more fully in every way.  Each week I receive thank you emails from clients telling me their stories after our sessions together, sometimes a year or more later!


Why should you trust me?


I have a background in health sciences, having worked as a radiation therapist treating cancer patients for 25 years.  My qualifications include a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) obtained through University of New England (NSW) and Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine.  I hold a Diploma in Hypnotherapy through Australian Academy of Hypnosis.  I’m also trained in Emotional Freedom Technique which is a powerful technique in its own right.


My professional memberships include membership as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the largest association of hypnotherapists, Australian Hypnotherapists Association and as a naturopath with Complementary Medicine Association, both of which have stringent requirements for ongoing education.


I’m a recognised provider with virtually all Australian health funds.


I continue to attend online and in-person workshops and trainings in hypnotherapy and natural therapies not only because I need to keep up to date but because I enjoy learning and growing.  It also helps me to continually provide a better experience for my clients.


I also love to teach and enjoy doing in-person presentations and running online workshops and programs.

What Happy Clients Have to Say

I really enjoy following Kris’s weight loss program because of its simplicity.  There’s no weighing or measuring because I know what to put on my plate and the weight is coming off!  It’s so much easier than anything I’ve tried before and I’m amazed how I just don’t get hungry and haven’t had the cravings I would normally get.  I also really like it that Kris explains things and it makes so much sense, instead of just being told to do something.  And I really LOVE the hypnosis! 


Kerry, Joondalup

Thank you so much for the session we did last week.  I am definitely feeling the benefits of that and the supplements you prescribed for me already.

My mood has enhanced dramatically and I feel calm and collected every day now. The little things don’t seem to bother me and I feel a little more confident in my decision making.

Thank you for working your magic! 🙂 


Cathy, Perth

Thanks Kris, you’ve really changed my life!  I can’t believe how amazing I feel after just 5 weeks on your program.  Not only have I lost 8.5kg, which is fantastic, but I’m feeling so much more energetic, happier and I’m managing my stress so much better too. 

I really enjoyed the hypnosis sessions you did with me and I find listening to your hypnosis recordings really enjoyable.  I find the one in the morning especially really helps me start the day well and keep me on track.

While I’ve got a way to go to achieve my goal weight, I know I can do it this time because I don’t feel hungry and the program is easy to follow.  I now understand more about how my body works and why I struggled in the past to lose weight and keep it off thanks to your audio recordings and I’m enjoying experimenting with new healthier foods too.  


Tracey Roberts, Bunbury, WA

When I first saw Kris, building a house and moving on top of caring for my family and helping run my husband’s business had taken its toll on me.  I just couldn’t relax, felt anxious, irritable and was desperate for a good night’s sleep.  I was also getting a lot of symptoms leading up to my period.

I did a session of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with Kris to help me deal better with some stressful issues and was pleasantly surprised at how I breezed through one of those jobs that had previously stressed me out.

Within a few weeks of seeing Kris I was also sleeping well and my moods and energy had started to improve.  Now, a few months later I’ve got my zest for life back again and from the comments my family have made recently I realise that I’m a different person!  Thank you Kris! 


Sue Bordas, Stirling, WA

I contacted Kris in search of a weight loss quick fix. Well, we all know the reality, there is no quick fix and I’m now glad I wasn’t fooled into believing this.

Kris has helped me change my eating habits considerably. I had been stuck in the same rut for too many years to count. It wasn’t easy to start; no one wants to give up comfortable, bad habits. However, Kris’s broad knowledge of food intolerances, her understanding of what drives habits and her passion is exactly what I needed to set me on the right path. 

After many years of visiting health professionals and diet clinics, this is the first time I have sustained good eating habits, as it’s not a quick fix, but a lifestyle change. Not only have I lost weight, my energy levels have increased significantly. I feel on top of my eating, I don’t crave the sugar and carbs in the way I used to and I fill up quicker – the changes are remarkable for me. When I do stray, I find it very easy to get back into eating well because it just makes sense. The difference in the way I felt before I met Kris to the way I feel now is worth walking past bakeries and the lolly aisle.


Leanne, Stirling

I tried lots of diets in the past and only ever lasted a couple of weeks before going back to my old ways.  This time with Kris’s program and support I’ve already lost 15kg and I’ve managed to break some of my old habits and create healthier habits.  Plus as an extra bonus I’m feeling much healthier and happier. 

I never thought I’d enjoy exercising but I’ve been going to the gym 3 times a week and actually enjoying it. I’ve still got a way to go but I feel much more positive about achieving my goal weight.


Natasha, Noranda