Are You Using Backwards Logic Trying to Lose Weight?

Are You Using Backwards Logic Trying to Lose Weight?

Most people I see who tell me they want to lose weight, when we dig down deeper actually want to boost their confidence.  They believe it’s only once they’ve lost weight that they will be able to feel confident again.

The trouble is, their lack of confidence is actually stopping them losing weight because they don’t feel confident in their ability to stick with a program and achieve their goal.  This might be because of past failed attempts or perhaps other reasons.

They feel unattractive and beat themselves up.  They’re filled with self-loathing.

Does this sound familiar?

But if you think about it, there are plenty of women who by society’s standards are considered to be overweight and yet clearly have great confidence and self-esteem, which actually makes them very attractive and sexy.

Take Oprah and comedienne and actress Melissa McCarthy for instance.  Both these women command your attention because of their self assuredness, confidence and presence.

And what if you had that level of confidence?  Don’t you think you could achieve anything you really wanted to,  including your ideal weight, shape or size?

Losing weight is just the journey but it’s really the destination at the end of that journey you seek.  The numbers on the scale are not important.  It’s about how you’ll feel when you reach the destination, the things you’ll be doing that you’re not doing now, and the things you can accomplish that you can’t or won’t now.

And when you get clear on your destination and have the self confidence to achieve or do whatever you want, that journey will be far easier and so much more pleasurable.

So stop waiting to lose weight to feel confident!  That’s backwards logic!

When you have self confidence and love and accept yourself for the truly unique and wonderful person that you are, looking after yourself automatically takes higher priority.  You’ll naturally want to do things that are positive for your health and as you do, your stress level will reduce and your hormones will begin to rebalance.

A natural consequence of all of this is that you’ll automatically begin to lose weight without the struggle!