Gastric Band Hypnosis in Perth, WA

The No-Diet Way to Easy, Safe and Permanent Weight Loss

What is Gastric Band Hypnosis?

This revolutionary new method takes you through the gastric band surgery procedure without actually having surgery, while under hypnosis. It’s also known as virtual gastric banding.

With gastric band surgery an adjustable band is actually fitted around the top part of the stomach, creating a small pouch so that only small amounts of food can be eaten at a time.

With the gastric band hypnosis method you actually feel as though you’ve had the procedure done but there are none of the side-effects of surgery or of having a gastric band fitted.

The hypnosis will help you to eat small meals, as if you have had a gastric band fitted, and to feel satisfied afterwards. It will also help you to make healthier eating choices and take regular exercise, seeing it as an essential part of your daily life, even if you don’t enjoy it now.

You will find it much easier to take control of your old eating habits which have been sabotaging you in the past. And unlike being on a diet, you won’t feel as if you’re being deprived of anything. If you do eat something unhealthy you’ll get straight back to eating healthy foods again because you want to.

You will do these things because you will actually want to do them and best of all, you’ll start to feel good about yourself and your body. You’ll also gain the confidence that you can achieve the body you want.

Soon those old bad eating habits and dieting will be a thing of the past as you develop new, healthier habits that will become permanent and help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight.

Will gastric band hypnosis work for me? I’ve tried every other diet and usually end up bigger than when I started!

Hypnosis is not mind control and you can’t be made to do something you don’t want to do. However, if you really do want to lose weight and are ready to change your life, this method could be suitable for you. There are no tricks or gimmicks and no crazy diets involved.

Is gastric band hypnosis safe?

Unlike actually having a gastric band surgically fitted, there are no dangers with gastric band hypnosis. This method is based mostly on hypnosis which is completely safe. You are aware and in control at every moment during the hypnosis and can terminate the session at any time. You cannot get stuck in hypnosis. You can’t be made to do something against your will! Hypnosis is a safe, relaxing and enjoyable experience.

What gastric band hypnosis is not!

Gastric band hypnosis

  • does not involve surgery
  • is not dangerous in any way
  • is not a fad diet
  • is not brainwashing or mind control
  • is not a miracle cure

How does hypnosis work?

To understand this you need to understand that your mind has two parts – the conscious and subconscious:

  • the conscious part is the rational part
  • the subconscious part is the part which stores all your memories and drives your behaviour based on its instinctive need to protect you, as well as on your values and beliefs formed as a result of your life experiences.

While in a deep state of trance it’s possible to communicate directly with your subconscious mind. This is why it’s so easy to change the habits of a lifetime with hypnosis. You may never have consciously thought about some of the reasons you do certain things like eating when you are stressed, unhappy, bored, lonely etc. Perhaps you don’t even realise that you do it!

You see, it’s very likely that your mother or someone else comforted you when you were very young if you were upset or hurt yourself with food, or rewarded you with a ‘treat’. This established a negative relationship with the types of foods that will cause hormone imbalances and weight gain when eaten in excessive amounts. Gastric band hypnosis helps to eliminate eating for emotional reasons and eating mindlessly. It helps you to think differently about food and what it means to you.

Will this method work for me?

Only a very small percentage of people can’t be hypnotised and if you are able to relax and follow instructions then you can be successful in using this method. Actually, virtually everyone has been into some level of trance naturally, without realising it, like when daydreaming or when drifting off to sleep. And since the session is custom tailored to your individual needs, it works for almost anyone.

A number of studies have proven that hypnosis does help people to lose more weight than those not using hypnosis. A trial in 25 people in the UK using a similar method but done as a group session over 3 weeks showed that the participants lost an average of 3.5kg each in the first 3 weeks and all but one had changed their eating habits.

How will I know if the system works?

Because you will have started controlling what and how much you eat, you will begin to find exercise enjoyable and will start to make it part of your routine. You will start becoming slimmer without feelings of deprivation and you will begin feeling good about yourself and your ability to achieve your desired shape and size.

What’s the difference between this program and other gastric banding hypnosis or virtual gastric banding?

Each visit you’ll receive my expert guidance to ensure you achieve your goal as fast as possible. You see as a naturopath with 11 years experience particularly in the area of hormones, I understand what foods affect your hormones and why.

Losing weight is not just about reducing your calorie intake and doing more exercise because different foods trigger different hormonal messages in your body. Certain foods trigger hormones to tell your body to store more fat, while others tell it to burn fat.

This fact is ignored by many popular diet programs today and is one of the major reasons you’ve probably tried to lose weight in the past and failed, or even worse still, you regained the weight you lost and more straight afterwards.

Understanding this makes it far easier for you to achieve the body of your dreams without the constant struggle and once you achieve your goal weight you will find it easy to maintain that weight if you continue to follow this advice.

Note that this is not a diet program and you will be strongly encouraged to get rid of your scales. However you will receive information and tips regarding the types of foods to eat to speed up your progress, but if you are already following a program with a proven track record then by all means, continue to follow it……… but if it’s not working for you, then perhaps it’s time to try something different!

Exercising is an essential part of any weight loss program but you don’t need to go to a gym or do hours of cardio exercise! In fact, if you’re already doing regular exercise I’ll discuss that with you because it’s possible that you’re doing too much or the wrong type of exercise.

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone is different! It’s impossible to answer this question here without understanding a little about what your goal is and what’s going on that’s preventing you from achieving it.

To cater for each person’s individual needs I offer several different programs. I’d love to have a chat with you and personally answer your questions and discuss the program or programs that would best suit your needs.

So if you’re truly serious about becoming that slim, confident, happy you and get back to living your life instead of letting it pass you by, then just call me to set up a time to have a chat or click here to leave me a message

Meet Your Gastric Band Hypnosis Specialist Kris Kern

Kris is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Naturopath with a strong passion for helping others to achieve their optimal health potential naturally, without drugs or hormones. Using her combined knowledge of natural therapies and hypnosis she has helped many hundreds of clients successfully lose weight and make many other positive changes in their lives.

Kris holds a degree in Health Science and runs a successful practice in Balcatta.

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