Are your fears or phobias ruining your life?

We all have certain fears at times throughout our lives but it’s no fun when they start to affect your quality of life!


Often times when I speak to new clients they say things like “I know you’re going to think this is very silly…” and then comes  “… but I’m really afraid of…”


But you would be surprised at how common your fear or phobia is and the range of fears and phobias people have!  You are not alone!


So realise this; there’s nothing silly about it!


Fear is simply the way your body naturally and automatically responds to protect you when faced with a perceived threat, which explains why it’s so hard to control how you feel.  And we’re actually hardwired to remember traumatic events to protect us from the same threat in the future.


A phobia is an overwhelming, irrational, seemingly uncontrollable fear of an object, place, animal, or situation. Most of the time, the fear is completely out of proportion and beyond your conscious control.


Usually a phobia develops after some traumatic childhood event or events, although some phobias are learnt from our parents, like a mouse or spider phobia.  Women tend to be more prone to phobias than men.

The 10 most common phobias in western countries are:

  • Social phobia – fear of being in places with a lot of people
  • Agoraphobia – fear of being somewhere with no support, away from home, open spaces
  • Claustrophobia – fear of being in constricted, confined spaces
  • Aerophobia – fear of flying
  • Arachnophobia – fear of spiders
  • Driving phobia – fear of driving a car
  • Emetophobia – fear of vomiting
  • Erythrophobia – fear of blushing
  • Hypochondria – fear of becoming ill
  • Zoophobia – fear of animals

Without seeking professional help it can be very difficult to overcome your fear or phobia and with time can become debilitating.  It can destroy your enjoyment of life by stopping you from doing the things you want and love to do.


There’s great news though!  Through hypnosis it’s possible to change your thoughts and feelings about the fear or phobia so that you no longer react in the same way to your trigger!


And it doesn’t matter what your fear or phobia is – hypnotherapy for fears and phobias Perth is just as effective for them all.


In fact, you might just be surprised how quickly and easily you banish your fears and phobias for good.

Lorraine had developed a fear of flying.  We had several issues to address in her sessions including the fear of being sick and of flying.  Here’s her story:

I’ve had travel sickness on and off over the years and had previously had some hypnosis sessions in Scotland which really helped.  But unfortunately my previous trip was a total disaster and I ended up being quite ill and had to be taken straight to hospital when I arrived in London.


My daughter was getting married in Barbados in June and I was feeling very anxious about a repeat of the previous experience as it was a long trip via London where I was to meet my husband.  So I enquired and booked in with Kris Kern for 3 hypnosis sessions, the final session about a week before I was due to leave.


On Kris’s suggestion I prepared for the trip in advance ensuring that the week prior to leaving I had plenty of time for myself to relax, get adequate sleep, exercise and eat healthily. All my appointments were organised well in advance, the house and garden were ready to leave and I had everything packed or ready to pack days before leaving.  This all helped me to feel completely calm and relaxed.


My journey to London was great with only the last hour feeling a bit anxious but I put that down to feeling very tired. I met my husband and we flew on to Barbados with no problems.


The return journey had a few hiccups but it really didn’t bother me at all – flight times changed in London and I had to run from one terminal to another to get my connection to Singapore.  Then the pilot tried twice to land in Singapore but because of turbulence and lack of fuel we had to head for a small island just 15 minutes away.  People were gasping each time we hit turbulence and I had my sick bag ready as we were not able to get out of our seats but I stayed calm and thought about nice things.  We stayed on the tarmac for a couple of hours until the weather changed and headed back to Singapore to land perfectly – I was not sick !!!!! Then onto Perth and home with not one moment of feeling ill.


Thanks again Kris for your help, I will definitely get a top-up session or two with you before I fly again.


Lorraine Alleyne