Hypnosis & Naturopathy : A Unique Holistic Combination For Rapid Change

Hypnosis & Naturopathy : A Unique Holistic Combination For Rapid Change

Western medicine approaches things from a very different way to natural therapies, and basically they are looking at just often 1 or 2 pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. Everything in the body is interconnected: our minds and bodies are interconnected.

When you look at how the Western medical model works, you have all these different specialists, and each specialist only cares about their little area of expertise; they’re not looking at the bigger picture. They’re not looking at how nutrition impacts on health. They’re not looking at how environmental factors, which could include stress, but also toxicity, impact on health, and they’re not looking at lifestyle.

For most people today, stress is a huge factor in their lifestyle. Stress is actually a silent killer. During my studies as a naturopath, I did one whole unit at university which just focused on stress and stress physiology. We looked at the impact of stress on hormonal balance and all sorts of other effects that stress has in the body.

Our bodies are very, very adaptable. Our bodies are capable of coping with very high levels of stress, and very often, people actually don’t realise how stressed they are because their body has actually continually adapted to that high level of stress. Then there comes a point where the body just can’t cope any longer.

Natural therapies really aim to find the actual causes of the problem and address those causes, as opposed to simply prescribing a medication which is not actually going to address the cause, at all. In fact, it could actually cause more problems as time goes by, in side-effects or simply because the actual cause of the problem is not being addressed.

A Mind And Body Holistic Approach

Before becoming a hypnotherapist I felt that while I was helping people through natural therapies, they weren’t always able to continue their new habits long-term.

People would make changes; they would start exercising and eating more healthily, but there always seemed to be some kind of excuse like stress or being too busy that would get in the way of them making those changes long-term; for many people, anyway.

It was quite frustrating, having seen how they had been able to improve their health, and that they would then so easily drift back to their old ways. It was partly because the emotional and mental aspects; the mind part of things wasn’t being addressed. And, of course, the mind has a big part to play in any kind of illness.

I now find that the mind-body approach of hypnosis and natural medicine is extremely powerful; far more powerful than just natural medicine or hypnosis individually.

Through hypnosis it’s possible to access the subconscious part of the mind and replace unhelpful habits and beliefs with new, positive, healthy ones.  This helps in making the changes easy and automatic without having to rely on will-power alone.

This unique mind and body approach that combines the strength of hypnosis and other benefits of natural therapies is the best way to safely and successfully make long-term changes in your life.   While each person progresses at their own rate, people are generally amazed at how quickly they start to feel healthier, more positive, happy, confident and motivated.

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Kris Kern

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Naturopath