Hypnotherapy for Confidence Perth

Have you lost your confidence or perhaps you never really felt confident in certain areas of your life?


If you lack social confidence you’re no doubt struggling to socialise and make new friends. Perhaps you’re even feeling lonely and isolated.


You may even lack confidence with family and friends and therefore not feel heard or understood, and even resentful because of it.


Not having the confidence in your job or career can be debilitating too as it holds you back from performing to the best of your abilities, speaking up and making yourself heard, or applying for promotions. Of course this in turn leads to a lack of job satisfaction.

You could be confident in many areas of your life though and still have a lack confidence that stops you from seizing opportunities to grow and become the best version of yourself.


So often it’s embarrassing moments or negative events from the past that hold us back.  Mostly it begins in childhood and subsequent events trigger the same emotions, adding to the problem.


Perhaps you were made to read in class and made a mistake. What usually happens is the other kids laughed, and so, many years later you still have  a phobia of public speaking or even talking in front of a small group.


Or perhaps you failed at something and were told you were useless.  If this happened a number of times you developed a belief that you are useless and not just at the things you failed at but it’s probably carried over to other areas of your life.  You very likely tell yourself “I can’t” or “I’m not good enough”.


This kind of thing will also rob you of your self esteem


Our nervous systems are hard-wired to remember negative events!


Unfortunately our nervous systems are hard-wired to remember the negative events more than positive ones, to protect us in the future from the same thing happening again.


Lack of Confidence Leads to an Unfulfilling Life!


It doesn’t matter what areas of your life you lack of confidence in, it will inevitably lead to disappointment in yourself, feeling disempowered and unhappy.  And the longer you fail to do something about it, the bigger the problem becomes.


Understand that successful and confident people weren’t born that way.  Becoming confident and successful took practice – mentally, emotionally and physically!


The secret to confidence is gaining control of your mind!

High performance, successful athletes know that they need to practice controlling their minds – switching off the negative self-talk and practicing focus, mental and physical relaxation.


The famous golfer Tiger Woods travelled with his own personal hypnotist for many years. He once said that his mind was his biggest asset. Through hypnosis he was able to develop a great sense of calm, focus and confidence, as well as actually visualise his strokes over and over. He knew when he stepped out onto the golf course he would nail it because he had practiced all of these things over and over in his mind.


Henry Ford who started the Ford motor company, despite many huge challenges has a famous quote – “if you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right!


People who think they can achieve something even when others think it’s impossible will find ways around the obstacles, learn from their mistakes and will pick themselves up and keep going whenever they fall down.


And even just a few small successes can help boost your confidence.  With each small success your confidence begins to grow.  But how can you accelerate that?




Hypnotherapy helps to boost your confidence fast!

Hypnotherapy is simply accessing the power of your amazing subconscious mind while in a state of hypnotic trance.


During hypnotherapy your mind is in a much more creative state and it’s possible to shift how you perceive those old past events, overcome old challenges and fears that are holding you back, develop a much greater sense of calm, boost your self-esteem and see yourself as a confident person achieving the things you want to achieve.


It doesn’t matter whether you remember the events that triggered your lack of confidence and self-esteem or not.  We focus on helping you to remember past successes, even in other areas of your life, rediscover and tap into your inner resources, and be able to transfer those to every area of your life.




What will you achieve with your newfound Confidence and Self-Esteem?


Do you want to learn to drive, overcome your driving fear, take a flight on a plane, succeed with exams, get that job promotion, start your own business, go skydiving or something else?


I can help!


So are you ready to turn your life around?


Are you ready to stop living a mediocre life, stop watching life pass you by and become that confident, successful and happy person you dream of being?