Hypnotherapy for Pain Perth

Can hypnotherapy really help you to control your pain?  Perhaps it sounds too good to be true?


Then let me give you some examples!


Perhaps you’ve heard of people having teeth removed, giving birth and even having limb amputations and other surgery under hypnosis and without anaesthetic?


Surgery has actually been performed using hypnosis and without anaesthetic since the late seventeen hundreds, in fact!


And in 2014, African singer Alama Kante had surgery to remove a tumour in her throat.  Rather than having anaesthesia she had hypnosis and sang through her surgery.  The surgeon was better able to see her vocal cords and the surgery was a great success!


Another perfect example of the power of the mind is the placebo effect where people have healed from all sorts of illnesses when given a placebo or dummy pill, or had sham (fake) surgery in clinical trials.


A study published in the British Medical Journal in 2014 looked at the effect of sham surgery for minor surgical procedures.  In 39 out of 53 clinical studies examined, there was a better outcome in the sham group than those who actually had the surgery!


Reduce your need for addictive medications with unwanted side effects


Unfortunately many pain medications have unpleasant side-effects like severe constipation, stomach ulcers, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, liver and kidney problems, skin rashes, headache and more.


Some of the opioid medications commonly used for chronic pain are also now known to lose their effectiveness within 6 weeks, which means you have to keep increasing your dose but the effect drops off!


However many people have found that hypnotherapy helps them to reduce their need for pain medications and sometimes even come off them.


How does hypnotherapy for pain control work?


Your mind and body are inseparable!  When the mind changes it causes changes in the body and when the body changes it causes changes in the mind!


In the relaxed state of hypnosis, your mind is very creative – you can learn to turn down your pain, shift your focus away from it and change your attitudes and beliefs about it.


Hypnotherapy can help you to sleep better, feel happier and at the very least leave you feeling much more relaxed, calm and more able to cope with the stress in your life.


As you begin to control your pain you’ll become more mobile, stronger, more confident and be experiencing more of the fun and activities you love again.


A holistic pain strategy


As with anything health related, it can be useful to look at other factors besides the obvious ones that could be contributing to your pain.


You may already know that inflammation is the cause of your pain but believe it or not, what you’re eating or other things you’re doing could be exacerbating or even causing your pain!


I’ve had a number of clients whose mysterious and chronic pain disappeared or reduced significantly, sometimes within just a few days after eliminating certain foods!  Not only that, they felt better in many other ways too.



If you are willing to explore this avenue, as a naturopath I can help guide you through some changes in your diet and lifestyle which may help to reduce or even eliminate your pain. Of course,  it’s up to you!


Are you ready to take back your life?


Whether you want hypnotherapy only or a holistic approach to controlling your pain, let’s have a chat about how I can help so you can start to enjoy living your life again!