Discover How Hypnosis Can Help Reduce Anxiety with Medical Procedures and Get the Best Outcome Possible

Having medical procedures, whether it’s an examination or test, surgery, dental work or something else can be quite daunting, confusing, stressful and even frightening.


Oftentimes medical staff are just too busy to explain in easy to understand words what’s going to happen so you’re left not knowing what to expect.  Maybe it was explained well but it was too much to absorb or you felt anxious and forgot much of what you heard.  It’s normal for this to happen!


And then there are all the fears and doubts about what might go wrong, whether you’ll experience pain, how long you’ll be in hospital, how long the recovery will take, and if the outcome will be positive or not.


To make things worse, stress and anxiety will further increase your pain, slow down recovery and diminish your outcome!


Well I have good news for you!  Clinical Hypnotherapy has been proven to reduce the anxiety prior to your procedures or surgery, reduce your pain, reduce the length of stay in hospital and improve your outcome!  How good is that?


How does hypnotherapy help to do all that?


In the state of hypnotic trance it’s possible to change your thoughts and feelings and open your mind to new ideas and suggestions.  And there is actually a vast amount of clinical research that proves that learning to control our minds enables us to control our physiology, or in other words, our bodies.


Dr Dabney Ewin is a Clinical Professor of Surgery and Psychiatry at Tulane University Medical School in New Orleans.  He taught hypnosis there since 1970 and also specialised in working with burns patients.  Despite being ridiculed initially, other doctors began to respect his work with hypnotherapy when they noticed his burns patients were healing much faster than normal and needed little or no pain medications.


But hypnosis has been used in medicine since the eighteen hundreds for anaesthesia-free surgery, childbirth and dentistry.


Hypnotherapy can change the way you think, feel and behave.  Your mind can change the way your brain functions and your brain can change the way your mind and body functions.  Hypnotherapy makes the healing resonance between mind and body happen again.


Through hypnosis it’s possible to help you overcome anxiety, feel positive about your outcome, control your pain and even influence your immune system for faster healing.


Want to free yourself of anxiety about upcoming medical procedures or surgery, make your recovery as pleasant and easy as possible and get the best outcome possible?