Hypnotherapy for Depression Perth

Got the blues?  Had enough of feeling down?

Life is like a highway – there are always going to be unexpected twists and turns, hills and valleys we need to pass through.  We’re always going to experience situations that can trigger feelings of grief, despair, anger, resignation and other unpleasant but normal feelings.


It’s just part of being human and entirely normal to experience these feelings – feelings are simply like a warning light on the dash board of your car.  They’re there to tell you something and make you take certain actions and learn from the experience.


The problem is when you don’t bounce back and get stuck in a pattern of seeing things negatively, or even worse, give up and become a victim of your low moods.  We’re all going to experience hard times in our lives, but they shouldn’t define you or your life.


Please know you can enjoy feeling happy again!


Perhaps right now it might seem easier said than done and wouldn’t it be great if there was a magic pill to instantly feel better but I’m not going to make false promises.  I don’t have a magic fairy wand or pill, but I want you to know that if you’re ready to turn things around then I’m here to hold your hand and guide you on your journey to reclaim your life and make permanent low moods a thing of the past.


Unlike the traditional approach, I see you as an individual, with your unique biochemistry and life experiences.  All of these influence your feelings and moods, so we need to take a holistic approach and address the different factors that are keeping you stuck; whether it’s your genes, faulty thinking patterns and even your diet, lifestyle and your health.


Sometimes we only need to address a few of these and sometimes it’s more.  Again, you are an individual and deserve to be treated as one, not just another number that just needs a prescription for a mind-numbing drug.


If you want to fix the problem then you need to address the cause, rather than pretending it’s not there because that’s not going to make it go away and it will only get worse.  It’s like sticking bandaid over a pimple rather than asking why you got the pimple in the first place and doing something to avoid it happening again.


Hypnotherapy makes it possible to shift how you view yourself, past events and the world.  It helps you to get unstuck by changing those old unhelpful thought patterns, which in turn helps to change how you feel.


And you might just be amazed at how some simple changes in your diet can help you feel much better too.  You see research on depression is now showing that inflammation is a major cause for many people and it’s possible that you’re eating so-called ‘healthy’ foods that are causing your brain to become inflamed!  I know this from my own personal experience.


There are many other tips and tricks I can share with you to help you get out of your rut and feel really happy again!


If you’re ready to turn things around and do things differently to be the happy, healthy person you were meant to be, then let’s have a chat about how I can help you!