Hypnotherapy for Performance Enhancement Perth

Is performance anxiety stopping you from being your best?


Whether you want to improve your study skills, performance in exams, sport, singing, playing music, public speaking, creating or building a business, or in the bedroom, the key to your success is controlling your mind!


You see, the biggest factor stopping you from performing to your peak ability is most likely distraction.  To perform to your maximum capability you need to be focussed, or ‘in the moment’.


Without focus it’s easy to get distracted by those thoughts about past or future events, like dwelling on past failures or mistakes and worrying about repeating them, worrying about pleasing others, or anticipating what might or might not happen.  Unfortunately what the mind expects to happen often will happen.


Other distractions could include peer pressure, trying to impress a crowd of spectators, comparing yourself to others, feeling overwhelmed or fear of failure.  The perceived responsibility of having to live up to a particular level of performance in the future may even cause fear of success and unconscious self-sabotage.


You’ll likely beat yourself up and have lots of negative self-talk going on, and words are very powerful!


Remember a time when someone said something belittling or nasty to you, how you felt?  And you wouldn’t speak to a friend that way, would you?  Yet you speak to yourself in the same way!  What effect is that having on you?


With any of these things, not only will you not perform to your fullest ability but you’ll also lose the enjoyment in the process.


On the other hand, when you’re happy about what you’re doing your performance will improve!


So how do you eliminate those distractions to create complete focus and feel happy?


Hypnotherapy is a great way to get control of your mind!  In the state of hypnotic trance it’s possible for you to develop clear goals and use creative visualisation to practice seeing yourself going through the steps to achieve those goals.


The importance of this kind of creative visualisation has been acknowledged by elite sports stars, actors and many other professions.  In fact there is a wealth of research proving the effectiveness of hypnosis in performance enhancement.


Hypnotherapy can also help to let go of the past and eliminate negative self talk and phrases like “I can’t” or “I’ll never be as good as ………..” and replace it with positive self-talk.  It’s like replacing obsolete software on a computer.


All you need to do is be ready to let go of the past and do things differently.

Are you ready to be the best version of you?

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