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Melissa – Teeth Grinding

Melissa had a problem with teeth grinding and was scheduled for a surgery when she decided to look for an alternative. She found Kris at Mind and Body Revival and gave hypnosis a chance. She noticed a significant improvement after just one session and after three sessions, her problem was completely resolved.

Katie – Teeth Grinding

I contacted Kris as I was suffering from severe teeth-grinding which caused on-going tension headaches and neck pain. Kris helped me identify the stresses in my life which were causing the grinding, prescribed natural supplements and taught me calming techniques. Kris also put me in touch with a very good Chiropractor who has helped unlock the tension in my body.

I also undertook several hypnosis sessions with Kris. Although I was initially quite skeptical about hypnosis, I found Kris to be a highly skilled hypnotist and am now a firm believer in its effectiveness in calming the mind and body. I am happy to report an improvement in my teeth grinding and overall well being as a result of Kris’s treatment. Kris is a kind person with a genuine care for others and is very generous with her time. I would recommend Kris to anyone who is suffering with teeth-grinding or just wanting to better manage stress.

Katie, Mount Hawthorn, WA

Claire – Confidence with Public Speaking

I’d always been fairly quiet and shy and as my wedding day was approaching recently I felt apprehensive about being the centre of attention and I completely lacked confidence with public speaking. Rather than feeling joyous I just felt fearful, but I really wanted to be able to feel confident and happy so I could enjoy my special day. I had been seeing Kris about some health issues and we spoke about the possibility of having some hypnotherapy sessions to improve my confidence.

I had three sessions with Kris over about two months, the final session about a week before the wedding. After the first session I was already feeling more calm and confident. Kris gave me exercises to do between sessions to help me stay feeling relaxed and organised and by the final session I had a deep sense of calm and was excited and looking forward to the whole event. This was despite me still settling into a new house and having a house full of visitors.

On the day of my wedding I felt relaxed and focussed. In fact, I was able to enjoy every part of the ceremony and reception and even gave a speech. And, I even enjoyed being the centre of attention!

During the sessions with Kris I felt safe and supported throughout and am amazed at the quick but long- lasting results. It’s now almost 3 months since the wedding and I’m still enjoying a wonderful sense of confidence and inner peace.

Claire Jenkins, White Gum Valley, WA

Cherry – Teeth Clenching

As you know I was rather hesitant in coming to see you because I really wasn’t sure if the tapping and hypnosis would work for me, especially after so many expenses with my dentist recently. However I’m so glad I did as I was able to stop using my mouthguard after the first night which was a real relief! It’s now two and a half weeks since the session and I’m amazed to say my teeth clenching has almost gone completely and the tapping has really helped my emotional state which led to the clenching, and it seems to continue getting better every day, so thank you! I really wish I’d tried this much sooner!

Cherry, Perth

Maggie – Quit Smoking

Maggie was able to quit smoking for good in only one session. She’d been a non-smoker for more than 10 months at the time of this testimonial but it has now been over 4 years since she quit – without cravings!

Ryan – Quit Smoking

Ryan had been smoking for 20 years and like a lot of people, he had tried everything; patches, gum and even stopping cold turkey. With Kris’s help he was able to become and remain a non-smoker in just one session. It was easy and even relaxing. Ryan says it helped that Kris is also a Naturopath.

Loretta – Weight Loss and Wellbeing

Dear Kris

I’m sitting here on New Year’s Eve contemplating my life ahead in the New Year and thought it the perfect time to write to you.

I have come such a long way since our first visit and owe so much of that to you, your dedication to my success and your incredible sense of just knowing the right combination of treatment to get me well.

You are such a kind and compassionate human being and your knowledge in everything you do is outstanding and inspirational. With your help I feel like I am finally finding the ‘old’ me that somewhere along the way got buried under a pile of weight, (fat to be precise), unhealthy and unexpressed emotions and sense of unworthiness that was destroying my soul.

Your dedication to me and my success is outstanding and the work you put in to help me be well is something I find very rare in this fast-paced world of late and I sincerely appreciate every one of my visits.

With the range of treatments you set out for me, from hypnotherapy to homeopathy to EFT to supplements to just plain sharing of your knowledge I feel more and more empowered with each visit and feel like the clouds and fog have lifted and there’s no way but up and up from here and I know for a fact this would never have occurred without you and your belief in me and your unending dedication to my success in being well.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you’ve done for me on my journey in becoming well and for never giving up on me even when I’ve struggled along the way.

You have honestly gone well above and beyond in treating me and I will be forever grateful I found you as my practitioner, and it is so clear that you really love what you do, believe in what you do and honestly want the best for your clients.

With your help my weight is coming down, I love to exercise (something I never in a million years would have believed I would ever say!), I enjoy healthy food and I can allow myself to feel and express emotions positively and work through them without having them control me.

Thank you Kris, I really do owe my new life to you.

Warmest Regards

Loretta,  Perth

Mike – Quit Smoking

Dear Kris

Well this past Sat we made 7 weeks since Ann and I quit smoking. Have to say there were a few rough weeks for both of us and considering we both were going through some stressful time with issues of our kids we seemed to soldier on without the assistance of anything but will power. The program has so far worked for us and as each day passes we rarely think about needing that nicotine fix. Thanks for your help.

Mike, Perth

Dear Kris

I wanted to tell you that I will never forget you Kris. You have honestly given me back my life.

There is a quote from a poem (my favourite poet) by Ralph Waldo Emmerson that goes….

If you have made a difference in just one life,

You are a success…

You are such a beautiful, caring person. You have found your calling doing this, please remember that, when money, and bills all seem a bit overwhelming…. You have given me back my health, my desire to move forward…. my life and myself… smile!

Without you and your knowledge and care … I don’t know where I would be right now.

Thank you Kris. You have given me more than you could ever know….

With Love and gratitude,

Jill Price, US

Morning Kris

Just want to tell you I haven’t had a cigarette for 3 weeks now and feeling good thank you.

Mitch Twight, Safety Bay, WA

I am blown away by how easy it was to become a non-smoker – feel fantastic, feel alive!

Amy Abott, Beldon, WA

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