Are You Fed Up With Feeling Stuck?


Are you fed up with feeling stuck, frustrated and struggling to make the positive changes that you want make?


Whether you want to quit smoking, lose weight, control your eating or drinking, feel calmer, overcome your fears and phobias, boost your confidence and self-esteem, sleep peacefully, improve your focus, productivity and performance, overcome your health challenges and more, I can help you!


Hi, I’m Kris Kern, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Naturopath from Mind and Body Revival Naturally. Over the last 12 plus years I’ve been helping people like you become the happier, healthier versions of themselves and live an awesome life. I’d love to help you too!

How I Help You Create Change without the Struggle!


One of the main methods I use is hypnosis, and contrary to popular opinion it’s not mind control! But it is a great way to shift your thoughts, beliefs and ultimately your behaviour, so long as you’re ready to do things differently!

We can also look at what other things are contributing to your problems. I can help guide you through changes to your eating and lifestyle for a complete life make-over so you’ll never want to go back to feeling how you did before!

How I Can Help You Live
an Awesome Life

Get Slim

Fed up with starving yourself and exercising to exhaustion without results? Through hypnotherapy I can guide you through the positive changes you need to make to lose weight without the struggle.

Quit Smoking

Want to quit smoking but not sure how? Had no success with pills, patches or gums? Are you worried about the consequences of continuing to smoke but just can’t quit on your own?

Build Confidence

Lost your confidence or perhaps you never really felt confident? Through hypnosis it’s possible to change your beliefs and let go of your fears that are holding you back from living life to the fullest.

Conquer Stress & Anxiety

Are stress and anxiety ruining your life? Feel like you’re losing control? Discover how you can avoid the need for addictive drugs and their nasty side-effects.

Eliminate Fears & Phobias

Are fears and phobias holding you back from doing things you want to do? Discover how hypnosis and other methods can free you of your fears and phobias so you can get on with enjoying your life.

Feel Positive and Happy

Fed up with feeling down but just can’t seem to change the way you think and feel? Fed up with being told drugs are your only option? Discover a better way to feel positive and happy again.

Relieve Chronic Pain

Is chronic pain stopping you enjoying your life? Discover a holistic approach to pain relief so you can get on with living and loving your life with minimal need for pain-killers and their side-effects.

Improve Your Sleep

Having trouble sleeping? Sick of tossing and turning, waking tired and struggling to get through the day? Worried about the addictive effects of sleeping pills? Discover how to get deep refreshing sleep.

Manage Belly Symptoms

Do you suffer with belly or tummy discomfort or pain, bloating, wind, constipation or loose stools? Worried about not being able to make it on time when out? Learn how Kris can help.

Medical Procedures

Feeling anxious about medical or surgical procedures, recovery and the outcome? Research shows hypnosis can help you relax and improve your recovery and outcome with less drugs.

Improve Performance

Want to improve your sport or study performance?  Find out how hypnosis can reduce anxiety and improve performance, focus and concentration for better scores.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is Proven
to Work!

There are many myths and misconceptions about hypnosis, what it is and whether it works.


The kind of hypnosis used here at Mind and Body Revival has nothing to do with stage hypnosis which is purely for entertainment.  At Mind and Body Revival and my other business Quit Smoking Perth I’m serious about helping you get the results you want.


Despite all the myths and misconceptions there has been a lot of research done on hypnosis and hypnotherapy, which is therapy done in the state of trance, or hypnosis, including in the medical area.


Click here to find out about some of the research that’s been done on hypnosis and hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Helps You to:

Tap into your inner resources

Change how you feel and react

Be more creative

Find new solutions for old problems

Become open to new ideas

See new opportunities

Develop new awarenesses and understandings

Change unhelpful beliefs and behaviours

Change perceptions

Control physical symptoms

Hypnotherapy is not magic but it can help you to make the changes you want in your life without the struggle.  You’ll find yourself thinking and feeling calmer, and naturally doing things differently much more easily than trying to do it on your, own but it’s not mind control!


People are pleasantly surprised about what a wonderfully relaxing experience hypnosis is for them, even if they usually find it hard to relax.  Many people have told me they’ve never felt that relaxed, or haven’t felt that relaxed in a long time.

Want to Feel Healthier, More Energetic and Alive?

As a naturopath with qualifications in nutrition and herbal medicine, wherever appropriate I’ll also give tips and suggestions to guide you through diet and lifestyle changes to create a complete life makeover so you’ll never want to go back to feeling how you did before!


Your body knows how to maintain perfect health when you give it what it needs and you’ll be simply amazed at what a few changes in what you’re eating and doing can make to your energy levels, mood, sleep​ and enjoyment of life!

What Happy Clients are Saying

I contacted Kris as I was suffering from severe teeth-grinding which caused on-going tension headaches and neck pain.

Kris helped me identify the stresses in my life which were causing the grinding, prescribed natural supplements and taught me calming techniques. 

I also undertook several hypnosis sessions with Kris. Although I was initially quite skeptical about hypnosis, I found Kris to be a highly skilled hypnotist and am now a firm believer in its effectiveness in calming the mind and body. I am happy to report an improvement in my teeth grinding and overall well being as a result of Kris’s treatment.​

Kris is a kind person with a genuine care for others and is very generous with her time. I would recommend Kris to anyone who is suffering with teeth-grinding or just wanting to better manage their stress.​

 -Katie, Mt Hawthorn

I’ve had travel sickness on and off over the years and had previously had some hypnosis sessions in Scotland which really helped. But unfortunately my previous trip was a total disaster and I ended up being quite ill and had to be taken straight to hospital when I arrived in London.

My daughter was getting married in Barbados and I was feeling very anxious about a repeat of the previous experience as I was travelling to London on my own. I had 3 hypnosis sessions with Kris, the final session about a week before I was due to leave.

On Kris’s suggestion I prepared for the trip in advance ensuring that the week prior to leaving I had plenty of time for myself to relax, get adequate sleep, exercise and eat healthily. All my appointments were organised well in advance, the house and garden were ready to leave and I had everything packed or ready to pack days before leaving. This all helped me to feel completely calm and relaxed.

My journey to London was great with only the last hour feeling slightly anxious but I put that down to feeling very tired. I met my husband in London and flew to Barbados without any problems!

The return journey had a few hiccups but it really didn’t bother me at all – flight times changed in London and I had to run from one terminal to another to get my connection to Singapore. Then the pilot tried twice to land in Singapore but because of turbulence and lack of fuel we had to head for a small island just 15 minutes away. People were gasping each time we hit turbulence and I had my sick bag ready as we were not able to get out of our seats but I stayed calm and thought about nice things!

We stayed on the tarmac for a couple of hours until the weather changed and headed back to Singapore to land perfectly – I was not sick !!!!! Then onto Perth and home with not one moment of feeling ill.
Thanks Kris!

– Lorraine Alleyne, Perth

How Will Your Life Improve?

What will your life look like once you’ve made the positive changes you’ve been dreaming about?


What will you be doing that you’re not able to do or are holding yourself back on now? 


What new opportunities will open up for you?


What are you missing out on right now and will you miss out on in the future if you don’t change now?


Be honest with yourself! What is it costing you, not just financially, by not taking action now?


Are you ready to make the positive changes to be the person you want to be? 


7 Things Everyone Must Know
Before Trying Hypnotherapy

How to choose the right hypnotherapist for you

What hypnotherapy is and how it works

How is hypnotherapy different to stage hypnosis?

What to expect during a hypnotherapy session

Can everyone be hypnotised?

Will hypnotherapy work for you?

How many sessions will you need?


7 Things Everyone Must Know Before Trying Hypnotherapy